NPC Agro and Modern Group LLC have entered into a field service agreement

NPC Agro and Modern Group LLC signed a service agreement. According to the contract, a total assessment of the land and planning for future planting of 1,600 hectares in the Kurdamir region of the company was conducted. The work done is as follows:

  • Preparation of proposals for the creation of an innovative agricultural production facility based on intensive technology for logistics assessment of the area and monitoring of infrastructure development;
  • Development of agronomic diagnostics of soils by conducting agrochemical and structural analyzes of the land areas surrounding the area;
  • Developing a comprehensive agrotechnical action plan to improve soil fertility and mechanical structure;
  • Elaboration of action plan for the implementation of surface leveling works in accordance with the relief of the area and the depth of the plume;
  • Development of technological maps for the establishment of alternate planting systems and the cultivation of high-yielding plants in accordance with the soil-climatic conditions of the territory, determination of seeds, mineral fertilizers, pesticide requirements and complex chemical control measures;
  • Evaluation of available resources and development of a 3-year investment business plan.

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