About the Dr. Agro project

Dr. Agro is a diagnostic and advisory program designed for anyone in the agricultural sector. The app provides users with mobile platforms (iOS and Google Play) and WEB versions.

The mobile application developed within the project will give farmers the chance to use the agronomic sequences of crops or products they want to cultivate, advance information about the costs that will arise during the planting process, correspond with agronomists, send photos and call them directly.

Farmers will benefit from the following services:

• Ability to buy online fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products and various agricultural equipment;
• Use the agro services provided by registering;
• Possibility of preliminary budget expenditures, depending on area and type of planting;
• Ability to plan planting;
• Providing direct support to farmers about problems arising from the flow;
• Ability to use various analytics services.

The proposed project will help farmers be informed online, manage their areas online, more flexible solutions to any potential problems in the field, and increase productivity.

Farmers will get:

• They will receive advance notice of sowing in respect of agro-technical works;
• Meteorological data on the climatic features of the region will be informed in advance;
• Opportunities to grow more with the information they receive about farmer support and agro-technical work.

Users can easily register with the mobile application and website developed under the Dr. Agro project. According to information provided by users during registration, they will receive planting plans and planting budgets. Registration for Dr. Agro is free. After you sign up, you will also be able to get a variety of products, services and agrarian action plans offered.