Irrigation system design and Evaluation services

A properly designed irrigation system addresses a uniform irrigation application in a timely manner, while minimizing losses and damage to soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources.

The design of a conservation irrigation system matches soil and water characteristics with water application rates to assure, that water is applied in the amount needed at the right time and at a rate, at which the soil can absorb the water without runoff.

Physical characteristics of the area to be irrigated, must be considered in locating the lines and spacing the sprinklers or emitters, and in selecting the type of mechanized system. The location of the water supply, capacity, and the source of water will affect the size of the pipelines, irrigation system flow rates, and the size and type of pumping plant to be used.

NPC Irrigation team consider importance below mentioned key points in designing an irrigation system include:

The irrigation system must be able to deliver and apply the amount of water needed to meet the crop-water requirement.

Application rates must not exceed the maximum allowable infiltration rate for the soil type. Excess application rates will result in water loss, soil erosion, and possible surface sealing. As a result, there may be inadequate moisture in the root zone after irrigation, and the crop could be damaged.

Flow rates must be known for proper design and management.

Soil textures, available soil water holding capacity, and crop rooting depth must be known for planning and designing system application rates, irrigation water management, and scheduling irrigations so that water applied is beneficially used by the crop.

The water supply, capacity, and quality need to be determined and recorded.

Climatic data - precipitation, wind velocity, temperature, and humidity must be addressed.

Topography and field layout must be recorded.

Farmer’s preferences in irrigation methods, available operation time, farm labor, cultural practices, and management skills must be noted for selecting and planning the type and method of irrigation.

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The Poweroll is a mechanized sprinkler irrigation system, that takes the hard work out of moving sprinkler irrigation pipe, saving time, labor, and money.

Labor saving device. Only takes 15 minutes to reset the system

Proven concept - over 200,000 wheel line systems in use world wide

Simple to operate and maintain

Significantly lower cost per acre, than tape or drip

Semi-automatic system. One person can manage up to 15 lines

Irrigates fields up to 8-20 hectares depending on crop, soil and water consumption, and frequency of moves

Reduces crop damage from walking on crop

Irrigates square and rectangular fields

Irrigates in heavy soils where big guns and pivots fail