Teejet Matrix

About Teejet

At TeeJet Technologies our single focus is on application technology. Our company and our products have been part of agricultural applications since the first crop protection products came onto the market in the 1940’s. Our control systems date back to some of the earliest in-field uses of electronics in agriculture. This experience in the fields of spraying, fertilizing, and seeding means nobody is better suited to provide quality products and technical solutions for your business.

Innovative, industry-leading products are what you expect from TeeJet. Many of our best solutions can be found in our catalog or on this website; however, there is more to our company than great products. We also posses a wealth of information about applications and technologies that don’t appear as cataloged products.

Matrix® 430VF

The new Matrix 430VF is an easy-to-use, reliable, low cost GNSS guidance system specifically designed to simplify operations in vineyards and orchards. The compact, icon-based unit features a graphical touchscreen user interface that allows for fast setup and intuitive operation.


  • Specially designed for Vineyard and Orchard applications
  • Applied Rows or Areas are colored
  • Visualizes up to 12 sections
  • Multiple row configuration modes
  • Shows the rows you missed or have not applied
  • Alerts you when entering into applied row or area
  • Return to point
  • 5 machine profiles
  • Up to 5 jobs configuration


  • Less time to find the the right row
  • Excellent display visibility during bright light conditions or at night
  • Compact design to fit in to any cabin
  • Can be used for any operation: spraying, harvesting, tillage, pruning
  • Easy to understand, easy to use
  • More comfort during operations
  • Documentation of your work