The productivity of tea plantations in Zagatala will increase

In order to improve the water supply of tea plantations in Zagatala, a number of subartezium wells were drilled and put into operation last year in Kazangul. Another well is expected to be drilled this year.

This was announced by the head of the crop sector of the Zagatala State Agrarian Development Center Vagif Shabanov.

The official said the tea was a moisture-loving plant. Due to the fact that plantations are located in the mountainous area, there are some difficulties in irrigation. Commissioning of subartezium wells in the area will have an impact on the growth of river plantations.

It should be noted that tea is considered one of the traditional areas of agriculture in Zagatala. At present there are 60 hectares of tea plantations in the region. Only 30 hectares of these plantations are fertile. Last year, 5.5 tons of dry tea was produced at the Zakatala-Tea Factory.

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