According to the agreement between NPC Agro and Gilan Orchards LLC, the gardens were evaluated

As part of the contract signed between NPC Agro and Gilan Orchards LLC, the evaluation of garden irrigation systems in various cities and regions of Azerbaijan (Khachmaz, Gusar, Goychay, Lankaran) was carried out. The following work was carried out within the framework of the contract:

1. Assessment of the general condition of irrigation systems;
2. Measurement of area pressure and the correct distribution of water;
3. To check the impact of the quality of inlet and filter water on the overall system performance;
4. To study the relationship between irrigation and the current state of the plant.

The expert working in the area was Mr. Ingvard Find. Mr. Ingvard is an expert at Nelson Irrigation, a consultant in agrarian companies such as Syngenta and Bayer. He is currently engaged in designing and designing major irrigation and planting projects in China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Romania and other countries.

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