A vineyard and olive garden was laid in Khachmaz

NPC Agro has launched a project for grape and olive gardens planting in August 2017 and March 2019 at the request of the entrepreneur. At the beginning of the project, the soil characteristics of the Khachmaz climate and planting area were studied, and the potential natural hazards for the cultivation and grapes in the surrounding area were studied. As a result, the entrepreneur was offered 4 technical grapes and olives.

In March 2018, the soil was re-analyzed and revealed positive changes in its composition. After that, two agronomists from Italy were invited and a process of buying the seeds was organized. The shipment is organized in a special temperature container.

In order to reduce the project budget, the production of special planting equipment was done under the supervision of the agronomist in Azerbaijan.

The next part of the project will be designated a local agronomist by NPC Agro and will provide agro technical services to the plants. These varieties were imported to Azerbaijan for the first time and were registered by the state on the basis of NPC Agro presentation.

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